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Adaya - New Land 12"

Adaya - New Land 12"

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Adaya – NEW LAND 12"

ADAYA tells us about the other side of mankind, the hidden treasures of every living being, of bright and dark periods in life. Her stories take the form of poetic songs, driven by her banjo- and guitar play, which bring us in magical moments full of sensibility, yet powerful and expressional.

Her second solo album, NEW LAND, is a dark gentle folk album with mystical messages and influences that invite the listener to go deep into the hidden. «Written in the Sky» questions Destiny while «It’s Alright» calls out for all feelings to be allowed and accepted, even appreciated in society.

«Sea Fever» is played on a traditional Swiss zither and is the musical interpretation of a poem written by Adaya’s own grandmother, the renowned author and poet Juliette DE BAIRACLI-LEVY who passed away in 2009. The lyrics of «War blinded» and «Gypsy Line» were written by Juliette.

As well as on her previous records, the album features brilliant artists such as Delai Cellai, Oliver s.Tyr, Delaney Davidson, Larsen Genovese, Moniek de Leeuw and many more.

«Writing this album was a special experience. It felt like something magical moved my hand and it kind of wrote itself. Piece by piece the project grew and completed it self with the help and artistical inputs of many great people and artists. I hope with this record I can move the listeners, give them some lightness and ease in this displaced world.».

The Vinyl comes together with a lyric sheet.

1. Written in the Sky 05:07
2. Gypsy Line 05:02
3. It's Alright 04:11
4. I was Your Mirror 03:14
5. Sea Fever 04:49
6. War Blinded 03:55
7. New Land 03:34
8. Old Ways 03:22
9. No Countries 03:57
10. Little Bird 03:09

Label: Rathouse Records
Media Type: 12” Vinyl – Black
Release Date: 14 February 2020
Genre: Folk / Country / World Music

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