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FAUN - Buch Der Balladen Acoustic Digibook

FAUN - Buch Der Balladen Acoustic Digibook

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Faun - BUCH DER BALLADEN Acoustic Digibook

BUCH DER BALLADEN is the first FAUN acoustic album and emphasizes the quiet and melodic side of FAUN. With no electronic beats or synthesizers this album was produced exclusively with medieval instruments. On this album, FAUN sets ballads to music, which show the fairy tale side of the old times. Songs of trolls and wild water sprites, of the dragon slayer Sigurd, and songs of enchanting yet dangerous fairies can be heard.

BUCH DER BALLADEN is much more than just an audio CD:  in a high-quality embossed hardcover book, the buyer will find a 44-page, four-colors booklet, with the notes and lyrics of all songs, guitar chords and numerous explanations and illustrations of the ballads set to music.
1. Prolog 2:22
2. Sigurdlied 4:20
3. Herr Heinerich 4:37
4. Sen Polska 5:3
5. Tanz Über Die Brücke 6:35
6. Brynhildur Táttur 5:42
7. Nahtegal 3:44
8. Jahrtausendalt 6:00
9. Der Wilde Wassermann 5:10
10. Belle Dame Sans Merci 7 :38
11. Brynhilds Lied 9 :49

Label: Heart Of Berlin (Reissue)
Media Type: 44-pages Hardcover noble book with CD 
Release Date: November 2009
Genre: Folk / World Music / Celtic

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