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FAUN - Eden CD

FAUN - Eden CD

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Faun – EDEN CD

EDEN is about the search for paradise and takes a journey through different cultures and points of view. This album dives deep into Celtic and Norse mythology and walks in the footsteps of numerous myths, such as the ancient Roman wolf festivals or the Isle of Apples, Avalon. EDEN is only available in a specially designed slipcase, which contains a 70-page booklet / artbook, which includes works by Brian Froud (UK), Julia Jeffrey (UK), Renae Taylor (USA), among others.
1. Lvpercalia 3:15
2. Zeitgeist 4:02
3. Iduna 3:21
4. The Butterfly 1:33
5. Adam Lay Ybounden 4:36
6. Hymn To Pan 6:56
7. Pearl 5:04
8. Oyneng Yar 5:33
9. Polska Från Larsson 4:37
10. Alba 7:17
11. Ynis Avalach 5:08
12. Arcadia 7:16
13. The Market Song 5:50
14. Golden Apples 7:34

Label: Heart Of Berlin (Reissue)
Media Type: CD slipcase with 70-pages booklet
Release Date: 2011
Genre: Folk / Celtic / World Music

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