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Faun - Pagan Earbook

Faun - Pagan Earbook

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FAUN – PAGAN Earbook

After FAUN's last five albums won gold and platinum awards and placed the band in the Top 5 of the German album charts, the exceptional formation returns to its musical roots with the Pagan album. With archaic rhythms, ancient instruments such as hurdy-gurdy, moraharpa, bagpipes and harp and multi-layered vocals, the musical journey takes us to the far north, to the Celts, to ancient Finland and to the antique roots of European culture.

Together with great musical guests such as Lindy-Fay Hella from WARDRUNA and the folk metal band ELUVEITIE, Faun plays itself into a musical frenzy and playfully masters the balancing act between danceable pagan folk and enchanted ballads.

The album is released in a noble digipack and in a four-colours hardcover book of more than 100 pages. The german/english book contains numerous photos, illustrations by renowned artists like Brian Froud and Stefanie Lostimolo and texts by well-known authors such as Wolf-Dieter Storl and Vivianne Crowley, to allow the listener to delve even deeper into the pagan backgrounds and myths behind the songs. 

1. Galdra (Feat. Lindy-Fay Hella) 6:10
2. Halloween 3:53
3. Gwydion (Feat. Eluveitie) 3:59
4. Wainamoinen 4:02
5. Tamlin 5:49
6. Neun Welten 4:12
7. Lord Randal 2:13
8. Innisfree 4:26
9. Ran 4:38
10. Baldur 3:37
11. Caer 4:07
12. Willow Tree 4:08
13. Zeit Der Raben 3:36
14. Anagin 2:06
15. Liam (IN EXTREMO Cover) 4:14

Label: Pagan Folk Records
Media Type: Hardcover noble book with CD 
Release Date: April 2022
Genre: Folk / World Music / Pop

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