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Oliver Satyr - Munin Earbook

Oliver Satyr - Munin Earbook

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Munin is the name of one of the two ravens of Odin, the Allfather of Norse mythology and means "memory". In eleven delicate songs Oliver Satyr gives on this album a very personal insight into his memories and experiences. On MUNIN you will find fragile ballads with vocals, lute and harp but also old, archaic instrumental pieces from the far North. With German and English lyrics, this musical journey leads through William B. Yeats' enchanted forests to a hidden lake where the dances of the mermaids can be heard at night.

The ballads of "Munin" were written parallel to Oliver's work with FAUN over the last 20 years and have been re-arranged and re-recorded for this release. MUNIN is published in a 60-page hardcover book, which contains not only lyrics, illustrations and many photos, but also a lot of information about the background of the ballads, the instruments and personal anecdotes.

1. You Should Have Seen Me There (Feat Paris Paloma) 4:12
2. Knivens Polska 1:21
3. Der Wettersee 3:28
4. Näktegal 1:07
5. Wildvoeglein 2:38
6. Mit Uti Groena Lunden 1:26
7. The Ragged Wood 4:34
8. She Moves Through The Fair 2:55
9. Polska Efter Lorn Anders 2:49
10. Green Street 4:20
11. The Road (Feat. Kati Ran) 4:02

Label: Private limited release
Media Type: 60-pages Hardcover noble book with CD 
Release Date: April 2023
Genre: Folk / World Music / Pop

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