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ZiRP - Circle Divine CD

ZiRP - Circle Divine CD

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With their fresh and innovative musical style, ZiRP, fronted by FAUN’s hurdy gurdy player Stephan Groth, are breathing new life into the instrumental folk scene. Roots meets modernism, traditional dance music meets contemporary rock, pop, and jazz – and the result is the one-of-a-kind folk-fusion experience that is ZiRP.

ZiRP are instantly recognizable by their trademark sound: a vibrant hurdy gurdy, embedded in a soundscape of acoustic guitar, bass, and groovy jazz drums. The hurdy gurdy is at times primal and organic, occasionally abstract with wild electronic effects – you’ve never heard this extraordinary instrument played quite the same way before!

On their ambitious current album CIRCLE DIVINE, ZiRP charm their audiences with spirited, infectiously joyful performances, harmonious and dreamy melodies, and progressive arrangements. The spectrum ranges from intimate acoustic pieces to progressive folk-rock epics – music for the free-spirited dancer in all of us.

i.  5-4-O 04:34
II.  Bourrée Inkarnation 03:39
?.  Circle Divine 07:17
4.  Kaleidoskop 03:21
V.  Zirpelloise 03:59
6.  Mosaic 06:28
7/4.  Seven Flow 03:25
8.  Odd Bourrée 05:06
9.  Moon Mazurka 04:51
X.  Uhrovec 08:25
1011.  Low Lights 05:32

Label: Self released
Media Type: CD Digipack
Release Date: 2020
Genre: Folk Rock Fusion / Rock / Progressive Jazz

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